News and Events

It has been awhile, I apologize!

The show at Navillus was great, and ran for the month of March. I have been busy making new works for the spring market for many galleries, I'll be posting more pictures of new things as weeks go by.

Last weekend there were several sales made as I was a part of The Artists's Network booth at Love Art fair, and Mark Gleberzon sold a piece of mine as well. Busy busy party opening night!

Now that Love Art is finished, we are getting ready for 'Distant Roadside'. It's a group show with Julie Himel, Richard Ahnert and Danny St. Amant. The opening is April 30th from 6-9pm at MJG Gallery, 1028 Queen Street East in Toronto. Attached is a picture of a piece slated for that show, I'm trying using vintage wallpaper and distressing it, as my backdrop. Comments are welcome.

Also, I have been accepted into Riverdale Art Walk, June 6-7 in Jimmie Simpson Park.

So it's going to be busy over here!