Artist Statement

Born in the suburbs of Toronto, I began my art training by enrolling in the Ontario College of Art at the age of 19. My education was short lived however, when faced with mounting debt, I made the difficult decision to quit school and begin working. The separation between art and myself was short lived. As a professional carpenter I found myself working in urban and industrial landscapes that I felt compelled to capture with my camera.

In the photographic work I was creating over the past few years, I captured textures and colour; form, line and accidental composition, and printed that work to a two-dimensional surface and framed and mounted it in a number of ways.

 In the middle of 2013 I realized this way of working was not satisfying me in the way it had. I was having a harder and harder time finding new places and things to photograph that satisfied my need to move forward as an artist, to advance and adapt to where the work wanted me to go. And the camera and printing process put the work at a distance from me as the hunter/gatherer, and from the viewer, who could only sense the tactile nature of the subject.

The first step to becoming more in touch with what I wanted and where the work wanted to go was to personalize the images with something I had added. I missed paint. Photography is a wonderful medium, but coming from a background in painting, I wanted to create and play, as well as photograph and display. This process began with some older work I had in the studio. One day, in September, I started to paint on the images.  Brushing, spraying and splattering. It was very cathartic. Freeing.

But I wanted one more thing. I wanted to give the viewer the texture. I wanted to cut out that section of floor or wall and recognize it as the beautiful detail it was. The reproduction was no longer enough. I needed to display the actual item. So I experimented with steel sheets, rusting them, adding the paint, adding the reclaimed up-cycled lumber to add depth and support the steel. My canvas was not going to be a paper print of the decaying and distressed materials, my canvas was going to be made of these materials. The viewer can see and touch and be with the actual elements I was presenting to them in the previous photographic works.

Most recently, I have returned to painting full time, in a style that is influenced by visits to galleries from my youth: paying homage to abstract expressionism and colour block study: Modrian, Rothco and Bush are all at play in the new works. Using the most basic colours and shapes to attempt to convey emotion, tension, drama, weight and movement.

What do you see in what you do not see?


Curriculum Vitae


OCAD, Foundation Studies, 1992-1993



Juried Exhibitions

May 2010 Contact Festival: Beaux-Arts, Brampton

September 2010 Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto

August 2010 Queen Gallery 50/50 Show, Toronto

October 2010 Sunrise Gallery, Hamilton

April 2011 Toronto Art Expo, Toronto

August 2011 Queen Gallery 50/50 Show, Toronto

December 2011 Communication Gallery Retrospective Show

March 2012 Toronto Artist Project

May 2012 Contact Festival, Studio Vogue Gallery

July 2012 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square

August 2012 AWOL Gallery Square Foot Show, Toronto

September 2012 Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto

February 2013 Toronto Artist Project

February 2014 Toronto Artist Project

April 2014 Love Art Fair, Toronto

September 2014 Affordable Art Fair, New York

February 2015 Toronto Artist Project

March 2015, Navillus Gallery, Toronto

June 2015, Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto

September 2015, Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto

November/December 2015, One Of A Kind Show, Toronto

February 2016, The Artist Project, Toronto

June 2016, Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto

June 2017, Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto

June 2018, Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto

July 2018, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF)



Solo Exhibitions

December/January 2010 Solo Exhibition: Communication Gallery, Toronto

January 2013 Solo Exhibition: Communication Gallery, Toronto



Best Photography In Show Queen Gallery 50/50 Show, 2010

VIP Award, The Artist Project 2014

VIP Award, The Artist Project 2015


Fundraising Donations

Second Harvest, Toronto 2010

Buy Art Not Kids Auction Toronto 2014

Waterkeeper Gala, Toronto, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Children's Aid Foundation, Teddy Bear Affair Gala, Toronto, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Peggy Baker Dance Projects Benefit Art Auction, Toronto, 2019